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Many of our databases have operated successfully and without stoppage for years - for instance:-

Our latest systems are designed to work through an internet web-browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and work across all operating systems - one of our customers has a mixed system with Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux systems. Being browser-based makes installation easy: there really isn't any as all modern systems come with built-in browsers. Training is easier too - everyone with an Internet connection has used a browser....

We don't charge per-user fees, so you can add and remove users as you require without additional costs (particularly important for businesses with seasonal peaks and troughs).

Example projects

The Study Log
A multi-user, browser-based GxP study-management system, including a GLP Master Schedule and deviations log. It allows many users to record study details and log events against a study.
Hardware firewall system
A modified IPCop distribution, with anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities
  • Upgrade of accounting system
  • GLP Validation and design of a linear regression (Excel) spreadsheet
  • Web-based database administration system
  • Web-based customer portal
  • Webserver log-analysis