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Excel-based Spreadsheet Validation

Includes the example spreadsheet from the BARQA presentation

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IT Services

Cost Effective, Expert Services

We specialise in providing software solutions to small and medium sized companies and individual users. Our databases and management systems have operated successfully and without stoppage for years - which is critical for the businesses which they underpin. Our products are designed to be robust and open, meaning that you continue to own the data and can access and extract it for use in other systems, should you need to.

We can also fix and support ageing, old or out-of-commission business-critical software and systems, either offering support as-is, or helping you to migrate to a newer system.

We have previously designed and built applications including a system for flight scheduling, seat and boarding pass allocation; a multi-user GLP Master Schedule system; a business management system for a speciality food provider (prediction, stock control, deliveries, customer management); a customer database; a multi-user document management system, and an on-line support database.

There are a number of phases in the provision of a software product:-

Firstly, we will analyse your requirements, and produce a written analysis, requirements specification and recommendation.

If you wish to proceed (either with us or with another supplier) we can provide written design specifications with costs and time-scales. Design specifications are important - you can measure the delivered product and cost against it (in fact, we would advise against using a supplier who does not or will not provide you with a written specification - a 'blueprint')

Using either your design specifications or ours we will implement and develop the product. We will install the product and can also provide training if necessary. Our products are designed to require minimal support and maintenance, although we can provide a range of support options if required.

We can also modify your existing applications - many of our customers have their own existing applications which they are entirely happy with and they ask us to provide web-based access, add audit trails, 21CFR11 compliance, etc.